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What People Say About Us

A very easy site to navigate and I found it an extremely efficient way to source the specific service I was looking for.
Jamie Shaw, Geeks-on-Wheels

Regarding Certain Shops, my experience during both this and previous utilization of the site as a business and personal resource has been productive, rewarding and encouraging.
Scott Collier, Service Provider on CertainShops, Marketing Shop and user of the site

This is absolutely superb. I am delighted.
Nigel Grace, Human Factors

The concept of Certain Shops is unique as it goes that extra mile in providing reassurance to both the professional and the user in ensuring that the quality of the service providers is continually maintained. Also the ability to assess if both parties can and want to do business with each other via the free appraisal system before committing increases the trust and certainty of choice. Highly recommended service.
Janette Whitney, Service Provider on CertainShops, Business Consultants Shop

Certain Shops is an excellent idea and fits in so well with our own ethical approach. It enables you to work with businesses that have been vetted first, saving you the time and effort of doing this yourself and you know that the companies that approach you through the site have done so in the knowledge that your service has been recommended by others. PR is always talked about as the next best thing to a word of mouth recommendation but Certain Shops is up there too!
Kim Stoddart, Founder and Managing Director, Blue Rocket Group Ltd, CertainShops Service Provider, PR Shop

Word-of-mouth recommendations and customer feedback means I feel sure of choosing the right professional for the job
L.M., Company Director, Baylis Brands

One Stop Shop: To provide online a reliable source of professional services throughout the UK from Legal and Accountancy to IT and Stress Management Coaching.

Exclusivity: An exclusive group of quality professionals who are selected by us.

No hidden costs: Our busy UK clients can agree prices up front for the services offered.

No geographic constraints: Accessible to anyone, anyplace, anytime. Anywhere there is an Internet connection - home, office or even on holiday.