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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a business consultant offer?

A business consultant offers impartial advise in order to increase sales, achieve higher profit, improve cash flow and review business strategy. Some have financial backgrounds which means they can help to raise finance

What is the role of an HR consultant?

An HR consultant will identify any gaps in your strategies & structures, policies & proceedures to ensyre compliance for today and in the future, and reduce the risk of liability.

What is the difference between a Certified & a Chartered accountant?

The difference is in the exams that each take, in practise there is no difference in what they can do.

What does a tax consultant do?

A tax consultant is a specialist in tax and therefore goes much more into depth with regards to tax issues.

What services does a finance broker offer?

A Finance broker uses their expertise to match a client with the right lending source, saving the client a huge amount of wasted time applying for money where they don't fit the lending criteria.

Why would I want to invest in a pension?

An IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) will review your individual retirement requirements and advise on whether or not a pension is a suitable investment. In some cases it is not and an IFA can offer you alternative investment opportunities.

What does a PR consultant do?

A PR consultant will write press releases, features, case studies,opinionfetures for free editorial coverage. They will source media opprtunities and sell in feature ideas ti editors. This can be done either on an on-going campaign or ad hoc.

How can I get the best from SEO?

Make sure your website is full of high quality and unique content, that all pages are accessible and that you have researched what your audience is looking for. If someone guarantees you Google natural results be very suspicious.