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Social Networking

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Why social networking is the emerging focus on the Internet!

Cool Gadget Trends
iphone.png Gadgets are already becoming more integrated with our online software (think: the Kindle). Look at what is happening with the iPhone, this is just the start I expect to see a whole lot more companies tailoring their hardware for application specific purposes.

We might actually see a physical “Facebook.” or “Myspace”. We’ll may end up seeing these things before the end of the year, though, and then we’ll know.

On the other side of things, we’ll see more integration of our online software with things other than our web browsers. Twitter may not have the biggest or fastest growing user base on the net, but it is solid, and those who are there are influential and loyal to the platform.

Hence in 2008, we’ll see plenty of inventive new products, and at least one or two breakaway hits, that integrate into the mobile devices we all use daily.