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Using Podcasts on your Website

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A new toy for CertainShops!

We now have an audio button on our About Us page where you can listen to a brief interview about why CertainShops is different and, well… special. So, why is it we are getting interested in audio podcasts all of a sudden?

Podcasts are like little radio shows of your own, only anyone can do it with little more than a microphone. The ease of creating them is probably why they are becoming so popular: In September 2004, Google had less than 25 hits for “Podcasting”. Just two years later Google had produced more than 106 million hits.

According to Andy White of Wire World Media 27% of UK internet users will probably download a podcast in the next 6 months – that’s 8 million adults. Andy believes that your voice lets your potential clients feel they know you before they have even met you.

The short audio interview between myself and Andy via the About Us page is a much more relaxed and authentic way of communicating what CertainShops is all about than just by using website copy. Also, people can click the button and listen while they continue to read the copy and view the site, so audio offers a convenient way of getting information whilst doing several other things at once!

The podcast is deliberately not overly edited or `tidied up’, because natural speech is important since this is a communication tool rather than a direct sales tool.

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