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The first UK Starting Over Show & Collaborative Communities – CertainShops News April 08

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How could this happen to me? My first night in my Nicaraguan ergonomic hammock had gone well – or so I had thought. I awoke with horror to find myself twisted up like a spun thread, inextricably cocooned in natural cotton hand woven bonds. Thank goodness for CertainShops – professionals online.

Stretching for my IPhone I was able to go online and, determined to make a positive out of a seemingly negative situation, I contacted an IPR lawyer to find out how to register my latest invention – a quick release cord for people trapped in unruly hammocks.
By the time I had contacted a website marketer to discuss how to promote my new invention on the internet, requested a quote for an integrated blog (there must be others who have shared this awful experience, surely?), and contacted a holistic counsellor to help me with the trauma of my entrapment, my children had discovered me and taken the opportunity to ‘borrow’ my IPhone for an hour while they cut through the hammock ropes with the speed of a gnawing hampster.

Tonight, I shall be sleeping with a sharp instrument close at hand.


Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Jaci Godman Irvine/Estate Legacy Services

Member KCC Buy With Confidence Scheme

Asking the right questions:

Making a Will is not easy – it means facing up to one’s own mortality. However, the consequences of either no Will or the the wrong kind of Will can mean loss of the family home to pay for Long Term Care Fees, a large Inheritance Tax bill or the possibility of financial hardship for the spouse.

When a marriage or civil partnership is breaking up, updating a will is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind – but even so, there are some questions that are worth asking:

Do you know what effect a divorce or dissolution has on a previously written will?

Do you know what effect remarriage or a Civil Partnership has on a present will?

What happens if you are separated but not divorced?

What are the consequences of not having a will?

Starting over can be a time of multiple emotions. There will be frustration, excitement, despair and anticipation to name just a few and certain issues will either be ignored or procrastinated over. A will is a subject that most of us do not like to think about at the best of times, however, it is possibly one of the most important documents that you should be thinking about at a time like this.

If you would like some advice on wills, trusts and probate, contact Jaci Godman Irvine and she can advise you.

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“What’s the latest news?”

CertainShops – professionals online in association with

Sparkle & Wow Planning and Event Design Ltd presents:

The Starting Over Show – Brighton 2008

The first event of its kind in the UK

Saturday 11 October 2008 at Brighton Race Course


The Vision…

Dramatic events turn lives around – and with the right support and advice new beginnings blossom for those contemplating divorce, civil partnership break ups, or any major life crisis.

Access to legal and financial advice, backed up by physical and emotional support, requires choosing trusted professionals at a susceptible time.

The Brighton Starting Over Show will be a haven to anyone seeking solicitors, financial advice, or well-being professionals who can help make the transition from an old life ending, to a brand new one just beginning.

What do we live for; if it is not to

make life less difficult for each other?

George Eliot (1819-1880)

Exhibitor Information Pack

T: 02088167281

M: 07825222404


“How is People Power transforming the web?”

We all know that ‘top down’ doesn’t work, but we all complain that trying to create change from the bottom up can often feel futile. Which is probably why revolutions so often resort to using violence.

Thanks to a tweet from @Damiano this morning, I found myself reading the Guardian article: People power transforms the web in next online revolution which is based on Charles Leadbeater’s book “We Think: Mass Innovation, Not Mass Production”. An acclaimed thinker on technology, Leadbeater explains how net users are, by banding together, changing every aspect of our lives.

And those ‘net users’ are us. So the way I see it is, we have not just the opportunity, but the responsibility to bring about change in our society and the way we run our businesses and the way our children are educated, from the bottom up, but with one BIG difference……

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Why journalists are using Twitter

Businessballs is a free ethical learning and development resource for people and organizations, run by Alan Chapman, in Leicester, England.

Charities using social network sites

For more general articles on business related topics check out Suzy Says


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In the Frame

For any CertainShops newsletter readers who commission me to take their photos, be it corporate or domestic, I can offer them a FREE large size, panoramic canvas print of one of the photographs of their choice.

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