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Summer edition: CertainShops newsletter

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If you only want to pay professionals who other people rave about, then you’re in the right place. CertainShops – professionals online. The certain way of doing business.


Badgered into providing a `summer holiday’ for my tribe I dragged them up to Southwold for a few days of camping.  While the children amused themselves by playing `dodge the jellyfish’, I fell into a panic when a flyer appeared through my tent door, announcing a suspected radioactive leak from the nearby Sizewell nucleur power station.

Thank goodness for CertainShops.  I locked into the campsite wireless connection and contacted the word of mouth recommended professionals to check up on the state of my Will, spoke to wellbeing professionals about how to minimise the effects of exposure to radioctivity, and emailed for legal advice on whether I could sue the government for spoiling my holiday.

By teatime the children had moved onto frisbying the beached jellyfish back into the sea, and I discovered that the flyers were a practical joke by one of the other campers.  Ha ha.  The next summer holiday is going to be booked via CertainShops somewhere less…. dangerous.


“What’s the latest news?”

A lively networking opportunity with plenty of exhibitors at the Business Scene event at the Felbridge Hotel this Thursday 25th, 6 – 8.30pm.  Click here to get a link to the pdf invitation…..

Looking for a fun way to create extra income?  Become a shoe queen!  Free shoes for life and the chance to make your friends love you more by selling them beautiful shoes.  See how by clicking here….

The Starting Over Show is…. starting over!

SOS is starting over right in the heart of Brighton at the Barcelo Old Ship Hotel on Sunday 15 March 2009.

4 space options each including comfortable seating, a table, option to include your own display stand, and tea and coffee supplied all day.

Key speaker on the day is novelist and weekly Mail columnist Anna Pasternak.

Existing exhibitors will receive a more relaxed and communicative environment at a fantastic venue at the original price.  The new exhibitor’s information is here:

Some of our exhibitors will be able to give talks in the speakers room, but we also offer a free option of a podcast interview. These short interviews will be made available as mp3 audio podcasts which you can put onto your own websites.

We are inviting you to join us in person at the new venue on Saturday 11 October 2008 for a short presentation and networking with other existing and potential exhibitors between 2 – 4pm (and we can carry on networking after that) where your contribution, ideas and feedback on the forthcoming SOS event will be welcomed.  Numbers are limited so if you are keen to join us, please contact me at: suzy (at)

Our event website has been enhanced and can be viewed at

We also have a resource website in ongoing development which I invite you to contribute to. An `information page’ that would be of value to visitors to the site, recommended books, a personal story for our blog? I want, the SOS Village, to become the first place people come to find resources, information and inspiration to help them when they are starting over.

Fab HR and CSR opportunity that will cost you nothing

The Starting Over Show is the first UK event to help people bounce back
from relationship break ups and life crises. On the day, we’ll create a safe
haven in which soon-to-be singletons can take professional advice to build
the confidence and skills they need to go it alone.

If you would like to access free tickets to this innovative and life changing event
The Starting Over Show are happy to offer you a partnership opportunity since the balance of legal, financial and well-being advice at the show is a great way to empower people who are going through life changing situations like relationship breakdown, redundancy or early retirement.
If you would like to share the promotional code with clients or staff – a real boost to your corporate social responsibility and a valuable HR resource – or discuss further how SOS could provide an ongoing and low cost support to your staff, please contact me at suzy (at)

“How do we get some free tickets to SOS and create some useful statistics?”

Thank you to all of you who have contributed by doing a really quick survey, and the special code for getting free tickets is on it’s way during the next few weeks.

There has been a great response and the data from it has formed the research behind our recent press release “Credit Crunch Divorces make Cash for local business“. If I say so myself, it is a very interesting article!

But a few more responses would make the statistics even more useful so If you could spare three minutes to help me get some answers to some serious questions (well, most of them are serious) I will say thank you by offering some free tickets (you may have a friend you would like to give them to) for the UK’s first ever divorce fair – the Starting Over Show in Brighton on Sunday 15 March 2009.

Click here for the survey:

Or paste this link into your browser:

It really is quick and simple – and your answers to these very few questions will be valuable. I will of course share the results of the survey and you are welcome to make use of the information as long as it is credited appropriately.

Get some free tickets to this unique event now!

“Can I win something without contributing anything useful at all?”

Want to win a free photo portrait session with no hidden catches?

Win a portrait photography session with Scott Collier

We have extended the competition a little longer as the holiday season got in the way a bit, so there is still time to enter as the competition now doesn’t close until Tuesday 30 September 2008 – but that is the final deadline I’m afraid.

If you need some smart but unstuffy photos to boost your professional image, or you want some spontaneous and eternal memories of your family recorded, Scott will make that happen. AND you can have the digital negatives too, which is not something every photographer gives up lightly, especially not for free.

Treasure Hunt clue:

Which personally referred professional on CertainShops can help you prevent the “loss of the family home to pay for Long Term Care Fees, a large Inheritance Tax bill or the possibility of financial hardship for a spouse”? Oh, and she’s a girl.

A clue: click on Legal Services Area to find the right ’shop’ where this professional resides.

“Any interesting articles/blogs?”

Really Useful Free Tools for Websites and Blogs

If any of your websites are stuck in the search
engines and you can’t bump them up to page one no
matter what you do, here’s something that will
work like dynamite, according to Jeff Alderson and
Charles Kirkland:

It’s even free. Keeping on top of the latest SEO trends is time-consuming. Things changes constantly and
using software that stays on top of the latest trends saves you a ton of time and boosts your
profits at the same time.

Now, you don’t just need traffic. You need affiliates to promote your product too.

Affiliates will send highly quality traffic to your site but only if you provide them with the
tools they need to promote your product.

When I check out an affiliate product and see that they provide no affiliate resources
whatsoever I usually can’t be bothered to promote them.

This is why Free Web Tools gives you software that automatically generates a resource page for
affiliates and templates for all the promo materials they need. It even automatically embeds
your affiliates’ code into the materials. Pretty slick.

Writing comments on blogs is a great way to build backlinks and increase traffic to your site.

But it’s so much work to manually find the right blogs.

So you’ll also get software that does this work for you.

At a glance you’ll see the sites that are worthy of your time and get all the relevant data about
those sites at a glance.

P. S. The software comes with giveaway rights so you can pass it on to your subscribers, if you’d
like. Which is why I’m passing it on to you.

For more general blogs and articles on business related topics

>check out Suzy Says


Andy Williams, Preference Trusts and Wills
Power of Attorney – why it is so important to get it right

This is relevant to any of you with Critical Illness Protection, Income Protection, Private Medical Insurance and/or Waiver of Premium Benefit.
Under the new Mental Capacity 2005, which came into effect on 1st October 2007, if your critical illness, total and permanent disability or other illness or accident results in mental incapacity (For example being temporarily unconscious in hospital after an accident), you would be unable to claim your policy proceeds.

Furthermore, no body else would be able to claim on your behalf unless they have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place before the event.

Alternatively, somebody may apply for similar powers to be authorised by the Office of the Public Guardian after the event. (Assuming of course that there is somebody who wishes to take on such a responsibility at the time)

1. They may not be the person whom you would have selected.

2. It may take up to six months to gain such power after the event.

3. It may cost over £2,000.00 to gain such power after the event.

4. If no-one puts them self forward to act, the Office of the Public Guardian will appoint their own Attorney to act for you and in such circumstances; the Attorney would have the power to be funded by your assets.

All of you with single life Critical Illness policies, PHI policies or other income protection policies, Private Medical Insurance policies and/or Waiver of Premium Benefit in respect of any policies or plans (Including Personal Pensions), should have a Property and Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney arrangement in place as a minimum to ensure that they choose who would look after their affairs and manage such a claim on your behalf and to provide the legal authority for such a selected person to act on your behalf.

If you wish to use the proceeds of your insurance to fund any medical care and/or have clear views in respect of how you would be cared for in such circumstances, you also require a Personal Welfare Power of Attorney arrangement in place for the same reasons.

Every one of you who has Critical Illness policies, PHI policies or other income protection policies, Private Medical Insurance policies and/or Waiver of Premium Benefit in respect of any policies or plans (Including Personal Pensions, should be referred to an expert in this area.

I myself am experienced in this area and can guide you through and create the most appropriate Lasting Power of Attorney arrangements for your purposes.

As part of my service, I certificate the Power of Attorney documents and I also make contact with your selected Attorneys which may result in such Attorneys needing advice from financial advisors.

It is essential to be properly advised and protected in light of new legislation, and my meeting with clients and discussing this area or any other
matters, will cost nothing and will not place you under any obligation to proceed with my recommendations.

To book a consultation with Andy Williams click this link:


10% Discount for CertainShops readers for a wonderful holiday in Spain in a former Buddhist retreat in a natural park in the hills above Granada.

La Pena is a beautiful building in a natural park in the mountains of southern Granada. It comes with 22 acres of land with olive and almond trees and offers amazing views over the mountains with distant views of the sea. It offers the perfect tranquil getaway and antedote to city dwelling. La Pena is also a 40 minute drive from the coast and about a 45 minute drive from Granada city. Granada and Malaga airports are also quite close by.

In addition to the Certain Shops offer we are also offering ten percent off for anyone who books before the end of Febuary 2007, a further eco offer for anyone taking the train to get there and if that wasn’t enough ten percent for each person you recommend that results in a confirmed booking. If you get enough that means your stay is free!

Please see for information on this very special place.

In the Frame

For any CertainShops newsletter readers who commission me to take their photos, be it corporate or domestic, I can offer them a FREE large size, panoramic canvas print of one of the photographs of their choice.

Contact me, Scott Collier, at:

Special offers from our Client Members

FREE LAPTOP with ‘s best value Broadband Service from the Utility Warehouse
This amazing package offers all the benefits of BroadCall, and a free high-spec Fujitsu Siemens laptop. It is available to all existing and new customers who have at least one energy service with us. The laptop even comes with a free lifetime extended warranty (for as long as you remain connected to BroadCall Laptop tariff).
Contact Client Member Cath Godsen, via

Free Coaching with NLP Session!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a proven and highly effective method
of enabling people to achieve what they really want in their work and
private lives. Combined with coaching, the results can be astonishing.

Heather Barrie (a client) said, “Thanks for yesterday’s session – am feeling
more focussed than I’ve been in years – feels gooood!!” The first 30 people
to respond will receive a free taster session worth £75.
Be quick! Offers
like this don’t come along often.

For further details, please contact Simon Donnelly on 01403 738967 or at

Business Moneyfacts is offering our registered users a special discounted rate for subscribing to their highly respected publication.

BMF Advert


If you have a strong professional track record and would like to join our waiting list to be part of our consortium of high calibre professionals selected on merit contact us: join-us @ certainshops. com

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Apply online here…..


To view the many benefits of our Client Membership package, includingfree Situations Vacant – please click here…


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