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In response to an excellent fiscal article

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Having enjoyed the blog article

Parentalism: Sharing the wealth

Posted by J G

November 23, 2008


I took the analogy of applying politics to family life into the realm of my own experience, and commented thus:

“Many of the UK company directors I know are taking salary cuts – or working on no salary at all.  So I suggested to my Seven year old that his pocket money chores continue but that he takes a 100% pay cut till the economy improves in 2012 (let’s be realistic).

Luckily, Henry has a speech impediment so the full force of his reply was distorted enough to make it less insulting than if it had come from one of his elder siblings.  He is now threatening to take union action and I worry about the internal economy of my household surviving this crisis.

Meanwhile, the UK government is getting into even more debt than most of the population put together, whilst telling us to spend more.  But they forgot to tell us that we need to spend money we have, not increase debt (like the banks have been doing…. oh, and the Government) so I shall be suggesting to young Henry that he get me a machine for making money this Xmas (like the one Gordon Brown uses) so that way I will be able to afford to pay him a fair rate for his chores.”

How are we going to explain these years of financial mayhem to our children in years to come?  Will we just say, “well guys, sometimes **it just happens” – or will there be an agreed theory to put into the text books of the future?

Obvious – so why don’t we do it?

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Just saw an article about some of the questions we must ask ourselves when we are creating a website for our small business.  This is much more important than whether you have a pretty logo or managed to secure the .com.

An Average Consumer Looks at Small Business Web Sites

Thanks to NetworkSolutions blog.

Quick Survey and helping a friend at Xmas

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7 questions: Serious issues with room for some humour too.  A quick and balanced survey I hope.

Help a friend in need this Xmas: tell them about the SOS Village

‘Healthy chocolate’ to be won, and free tickets for SOS to all participants (to give to a friend in need?)

Click Here to take survey

I want to use the SOS event in the spring as a platform to create some positive change, and you completing the survey will really help that to happen. It’s really short and focuses on areas not given (I believe) enough consideration by the national media.

I thank you in advance!

Help a friend in need this Xmas: tell them about the SOS Village

Friends and family going through relationship breakups need emotional and practical support.  The SOS Village ( is a good place to start.  No adverts – just good advice and shared experiences.

There are still some spaces left for mentors and exhibitors at SOS.

The National Press call it “the first UK divorce fair”

We call it the Starting Over Show

All the things you need to know about breaking up and starting over in one SOS

Useful Information

Honest Communication

Personal Transformation

For tickets visit

Starting Over Show is part of Certain Shops Ltd. 72 Medway Drive Forest Row E Sussex RH18 5NX Tel: 0208 8167281  Textphone 18001 0208 8167281  e:suzy(at)  Registered in England & Wales  Company no. 5685386  VAT no. 880175810  Registered office North Park Lodge  South Street  East Hoathly  Lewes  E Sussex  BN8 6DS

Sylvia Howe – Public Relations

marketing - meet our professionals, meet our professionals 1 Comment »

I have travelled all over the world, and have come back to Kent where I work at the bottom of a pretty garden (which I designed and maintain). I have two boys (16 and 20) and a husband who work WWF.
I paint, sing and write fiction and non fiction. I am a regular contributor to the BBC Good Food blog, and also to Natural Health.
I have just qualified in the Bowen Technique and am now setting up as a therapist from home.

In my PR role I offer our clients:

communications strategies with creativity and flair

excellent press relationships that get excellent press coverage

practical and effective PR campaigns

our experience and ideas

lateral thinking and a can-do approach that gets results

a sense of humour

regular client contact so you are aware of progress and results

We work hard to understand your business so we can pinpoint exactly what makes it attractive to your market, and to produce what you need to brief and to budget. Our strategies are practical, interesting and affordable.

Martin Long – On-Line Marketing

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My company name, “Sugar Marketing”, comes in part from Sir Alan Sugar. OK we know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea and there are certain thing he does that we’re not too keen on. BUT when it comes to no nonsense marketing he is the king.

At Sugar Marketing we decided to niche into “Pay Per Click” because like Sir Alan, we also believe in a no nonsense approach to marketing and “Pay Per Click” is a very transparent form. It allows you to (100%) see what you get for your money. We also believe in simple explanations to help you understand exactly what is happening with your campaign.

Our Experience

We have worked with a number of brands both big and small, in both consumer and business to business. We generate direct sales, sales leads, or brand awareness across a variety of different sectors.

Exactly what we do and who we do if for is confidential to each client, but we can share a couple of results -

Single biggest order as a result of PPC was £1.2million.We have increased daily traffic from 0 to 1500 visitors in less than a week.We have attracted new customers at a media cost of 3 pence.One client has had over 50 million brand exposures.In 2007 we got one client over 110,000 target UK visitors to their site.

We got one client just over 18,000 downloads of their software.

If you want to know more please Contact Us