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Martin Long – On-Line Marketing

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My company name, “Sugar Marketing”, comes in part from Sir Alan Sugar. OK we know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea and there are certain thing he does that we’re not too keen on. BUT when it comes to no nonsense marketing he is the king.

At Sugar Marketing we decided to niche into “Pay Per Click” because like Sir Alan, we also believe in a no nonsense approach to marketing and “Pay Per Click” is a very transparent form. It allows you to (100%) see what you get for your money. We also believe in simple explanations to help you understand exactly what is happening with your campaign.

Our Experience

We have worked with a number of brands both big and small, in both consumer and business to business. We generate direct sales, sales leads, or brand awareness across a variety of different sectors.

Exactly what we do and who we do if for is confidential to each client, but we can share a couple of results -

Single biggest order as a result of PPC was £1.2million.We have increased daily traffic from 0 to 1500 visitors in less than a week.We have attracted new customers at a media cost of 3 pence.One client has had over 50 million brand exposures.In 2007 we got one client over 110,000 target UK visitors to their site.

We got one client just over 18,000 downloads of their software.

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