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In response to an excellent fiscal article

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Having enjoyed the blog article

Parentalism: Sharing the wealth

Posted by J G

November 23, 2008


I took the analogy of applying politics to family life into the realm of my own experience, and commented thus:

“Many of the UK company directors I know are taking salary cuts – or working on no salary at all.  So I suggested to my Seven year old that his pocket money chores continue but that he takes a 100% pay cut till the economy improves in 2012 (let’s be realistic).

Luckily, Henry has a speech impediment so the full force of his reply was distorted enough to make it less insulting than if it had come from one of his elder siblings.  He is now threatening to take union action and I worry about the internal economy of my household surviving this crisis.

Meanwhile, the UK government is getting into even more debt than most of the population put together, whilst telling us to spend more.  But they forgot to tell us that we need to spend money we have, not increase debt (like the banks have been doing…. oh, and the Government) so I shall be suggesting to young Henry that he get me a machine for making money this Xmas (like the one Gordon Brown uses) so that way I will be able to afford to pay him a fair rate for his chores.”

How are we going to explain these years of financial mayhem to our children in years to come?  Will we just say, “well guys, sometimes **it just happens” – or will there be an agreed theory to put into the text books of the future?

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  1. Dave Mackay Says:

    Informative post, excellent read

  2. Sally Homes Says:

    I was hoping I could ask you a rhetorical question about yourself, would that be ok? Nice post by the way, its always good to share.

  3. Suzy Says:

    Ask any question you like Sally!

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