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Feng Shui at Snappy Snaps Mayfair

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As part of our CertainShops Skills Swop (exclusive to CertainShops accredited professionals) Rosa D’Morgan gave a free Feng Shui consultation to fellow CertainShops professional Scott Collier of Scott Collier Photography.  Scott also owns the franchise for Snappy Snaps Mayfair, where Rosa set to work with her art…..

“The environment in which we work is inextricably bound with our client and staff relationships, profit and loss, sales and the image of our brand that we project at a subliminal as well as a conscious level. Feng Shui provides a template for maximising the opportunities in our environment to support our business.
The most rewarding clients are those who don’t hide their struggles and tackle them with gusto and verve knowing that they are backing themselves and voting for a better, easier future.  Once you explain what is essentially them and how they’ve created the world they inhabit, they then stop trying to conform to others expectations and come into focus.

It’s done by a series of calculations and analysis of the premises. Scott was one of those fantastic clients who trusted and grasped it. He moved pictures , understood that less was more, acknowledged what he was rubbish at, tackled the life threatening leaks and electrical problems in his wealth area, bought his peace lillies for his stands at exhibitions and reaped the benefits of his obvious talents
with more clients.

The success Scott will claim as he makes more knowing changes will grow, as will his understanding of the right flow of energy. It is as simple and as difficult as taking really good photos….it takes time and practice.”

Leaks and electrical issues in the wealth area!

“flying ducks” encourage wealth – displaying information in threes in an upward progression focuses the viewer on what you want them to pay attention to…..

Work colleague Tom notices the old towel dispenser that was never used has been removed – de-cluttering is an important aspect of Feng Shui

A white-flowering evergreen climber placed correctly will encourage the upward growth of financial success being drawn into the shop – and also create a more inviting entrance

Rosa D’Morgan, Feng Shui for business, home and environment

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