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If you only want to pay professionals who other people rave about, then you’re in the right place. CertainShops – professionals online. The certain way of doing business.

In this issue: going to the ball; resources for small business; free tickets to share with your staff/clients


Running a small business from home can be lonely at times.  When I found myself deliberately dropping a glove in the high street just so someone would say “excuse me” and a short interaction would ensue, I realised something had to be done. Fast.

Thank goodness for CertainShops.  I huddled in a corner of an internet cafe and went online: within minutes I had booked a free 15 minute consultation with a Feng Shui practitioner who could help make my home less cluttered and encourage visitors, and while she’s at it she’s going to help me declutter my office as well.  I inquired about having a party organised with a fluffy pink cocktail bar hired in for extra fun, and booked in for some motivational inspirational coaching sessions for good measure.

By the time Spring arrives and I don’t need to wear gloves anymore, I will no longer need to resort to the ‘fair weather’ ploy of ‘accidentally’ losing my right shoe – “Excuse me…….”

Useful resources for small to medium businesses

Complementary tickets to SOS

Free tickets to share with staff or colleagues, friends or family who would like to visit Starting Over Shows - just click here…..

These are some of the company’s already sharing the code for free SOS tickets with their staff:  Fire Brigade Union London and South East – Cannon UK – Greater London Authority…..

Boost your CSR and be a good boss, and share a gift from CertainShops

Win a fee copy of Julia Armstrong’s inspirational autobiography by completing this very quick survey on “what I think about business coaching?” Click here to take survey

Shrink those utility bills for home and office without wasting any of your precious time…….

Freelance advice – online website full of useful articles and information

For general blogs and articles on business related topics visit ‘Suzy Says’

Sign our petition:

My daughter Cyd wants to support other children (she’s 13) whose parents are going through break up or divorce, and has started a petition to encourage Government to change the divorce laws and to actively support less combative ways of break up.

Cyd hopes to be at both live SOS events (we need to check her dad’s ok with this first!) gathering signatures.  You can sign the petition now online here:

Break up right – please don’t fight!


“What’s the latest news?”

Dateline Platinum are having a party


If you know any single people, why not let them know about the Dateline Platinum Starting Over Show balls at the Hilton Metropole in London on Saturday 6th March or at the Hilton Brighton on 27th March?

Meet lots of new single people ready to Start Over….

Become part of CertainShops:

One of the “most useful websites that will change your life” (The Independent)

If you are allowed to join CertainShops, it means 3 previous clients have raved about you. No other online directory of professional service providers gives your clients that peace of mind.

For less than the cost of a networking group, you can build trusting relationships with other CertainShops professionals.

If your PREVIOUS CLIENTS RAVE ABOUT YOU, then become part of our community of approved online professionals. Click here for more information…. certainshops-brochure-15-oct-2009


In the Frame
For any CertainShops newsletter readers who commission me to take their photos, be it corporate or domestic, I can offer them a FREE large size, panoramic canvas print of one of the photographs of their choice.
Contact me, Scott Collier, at:
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