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Believing in Never Land

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As a vetted professional on CertainShops and also an exhibitor at Starting Over Show, I am constantly aware of the interconnection between the need for personal development during difficult life situations, such as divorce or redundancy, and also the need for business owners to keep their dreams alive during these trying economic times.

I went recently to Leicester to see Peter Pan. It was a long time since I had seen or read the story and I was moved by the poignant tale of the ‘lost boys’ looking for a Mummy and Daddy.  I had recorded a podcast with Julian Ronnie, the composer and Lyricist of Peter Pan, when I was on my Shaman healing course and the experience of listening to the lyrics knowing something of the man and the process he went through to compose and create, added a depth and another dimension to my experience of watching the show.

Why am I writing this article? I think for two reasons.  One – that there was a sadness pervading the desire for the lost boys to find love and connection and that there was an emptiness within them having fallen out of their pram and got lost.  Even though they were having such an adventure in Never Land (the world) they were still searching for the parts of themselves they had lost through losing the connection with their parents, and so the whole adventure reflected a journey towards completion through ‘starting over’ in each new adventure until they eventually returned ‘home’ to love (of themselves- reflected through Mr and Mrs Darling embracing all of them).  Secondly, because I recognized in interviewing Julian that in moving to his real passion – the theatre and the performing arts away from making music for TV adverts – turning away from a more lucrative career – he was having to trust himself and his inner voice.  As his lyrics communicated, he had just to ‘Hold your hands out, think a happy thought and believe you can fly’.

Moving from TV to theatre is meaning a significant change in re-imbursement – but Julian knows he must follow his soul path and his passion and believe that by doing that he will fly and truly fly, not just be satisfied with getting a fat pay packet for composing music for an advert.  Clearly his talent has expressed itself in the adverts and he has needed skill to turn out the briefs required by the agencies – but he realized that if he didn’t follow the pull to ‘start over’ and go towards the theater, where he knew he must go – he would become a ‘lost boy’ himself .

In the end we must look to find our own centre point.  All of us are wounded and have unmet needs from childhood and from generational patterns and karmic influences – but in knowing that you can fly to Never Land means you can dream a new future in the present, so that this future draws us to it, and in the present moment we can also heal the past and so change our perception of those events through a new understanding.  Time might not be linear and ‘cause and effect’ – time might be in a circle with everything, past and future happening now in this infinite moment – which means we always have a chance to fully heal the past and create a positive new future.

So Never Land exists – it is our imagination through which we dream our future into being, and we are only lost if we invest in the stories that disempower us, and think we are powerless to change the influences of our families and experiences, and at the mercy of fate!  Instead if we take charge of our future we can create anything and find ourselves and our true center point, knowing that however much we feel lost through absent or unaware parents, or a world where the old rules of financial stability no longer seem to apply, that we have the support of mother earth and the care of the father source energy – the heavens above us and the earth below.

We will know we are safe and can never get lost – and that in each moment we have the chance to genuinely start over and create whatever we desire.

Listen to Julia being interviewed here…..

Feng Shui at Snappy Snaps Mayfair

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As part of our CertainShops Skills Swop (exclusive to CertainShops accredited professionals) Rosa D’Morgan gave a free Feng Shui consultation to fellow CertainShops professional Scott Collier of Scott Collier Photography.  Scott also owns the franchise for Snappy Snaps Mayfair, where Rosa set to work with her art…..

“The environment in which we work is inextricably bound with our client and staff relationships, profit and loss, sales and the image of our brand that we project at a subliminal as well as a conscious level. Feng Shui provides a template for maximising the opportunities in our environment to support our business.
The most rewarding clients are those who don’t hide their struggles and tackle them with gusto and verve knowing that they are backing themselves and voting for a better, easier future.  Once you explain what is essentially them and how they’ve created the world they inhabit, they then stop trying to conform to others expectations and come into focus.

It’s done by a series of calculations and analysis of the premises. Scott was one of those fantastic clients who trusted and grasped it. He moved pictures , understood that less was more, acknowledged what he was rubbish at, tackled the life threatening leaks and electrical problems in his wealth area, bought his peace lillies for his stands at exhibitions and reaped the benefits of his obvious talents
with more clients.

The success Scott will claim as he makes more knowing changes will grow, as will his understanding of the right flow of energy. It is as simple and as difficult as taking really good photos….it takes time and practice.”

Leaks and electrical issues in the wealth area!

“flying ducks” encourage wealth – displaying information in threes in an upward progression focuses the viewer on what you want them to pay attention to…..

Work colleague Tom notices the old towel dispenser that was never used has been removed – de-cluttering is an important aspect of Feng Shui

A white-flowering evergreen climber placed correctly will encourage the upward growth of financial success being drawn into the shop – and also create a more inviting entrance

Rosa D’Morgan, Feng Shui for business, home and environment

Richard Wolfstrome – graphic design

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Richard Wolfströme MISTD

Contact via CertainShops profile…..

I’m an award-winning information graphic designer with over 21 years experience. My work ranges from identity and brand, design-for-print, web, digital media and video.

What you get is expertise in communicating your information, integrated ‘joined-up-thinking’ solutions and attention to detail.

BA (Hons) Information Design – Ravensbourne College of Design & Comunication (1987)

Member of the International Society of Typographic Designers

Member of The Typographic Circle

Steering committee member for the South Coast Design Forum (Brighton)

How can I help you? These are the services I offer:

Graphic Design for
Corporate Identity
Report & Accounts
Posters, leaflets and marketing collateral

Digital Media Design and production for
Touch-screen Kiosks

Richard Wolfströme MISTD

Contact via CertainShops profile…..

Carol Hughes – business and life coach

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I am a Life and Business Coach.  I work with women in business, professional women, people working from home.  Solo start ups & personal coaching.  Everyone has something in their life that they would like to change.  I can provide you with much needed support, motivation & ideas to make it happen.

I am a working mother with two sons, one who has left sixth form college and another at secondary school.

I am a property investor and as a coach I am always interested in personal development, spirituality and connecting with like minded people.

I would like to think of myself as friendly, professional, open-minded, having integrity. Some one who treats their clients as I would like to be treated – with honesty and respect.  I strongly believe that you must have empathy and rapport when coaching.  I am coached myself to continue my own development.

I am trained by the Coaching Academy and have a distinction in their Personal Coaching Diploma.

I have a degree and 30 years experience in the workplace, having worked in retail management at Selfridges, the careers advice service at the University of Sussex, and in a West Sussex project managing volunteers and people with learning disabilities.

I work in the Sussex area.  I can work face to face or over the phone.  Where ever possible I like to meet you in the workplace or at home so I have an understanding of you and your working environment, and your issues and challenges in your life.

Sylvia Howe – Public Relations

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I have travelled all over the world, and have come back to Kent where I work at the bottom of a pretty garden (which I designed and maintain). I have two boys (16 and 20) and a husband who work WWF.
I paint, sing and write fiction and non fiction. I am a regular contributor to the BBC Good Food blog, and also to Natural Health.
I have just qualified in the Bowen Technique and am now setting up as a therapist from home.

In my PR role I offer our clients:

communications strategies with creativity and flair

excellent press relationships that get excellent press coverage

practical and effective PR campaigns

our experience and ideas

lateral thinking and a can-do approach that gets results

a sense of humour

regular client contact so you are aware of progress and results

We work hard to understand your business so we can pinpoint exactly what makes it attractive to your market, and to produce what you need to brief and to budget. Our strategies are practical, interesting and affordable.

Martin Long – On-Line Marketing

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My company name, “Sugar Marketing”, comes in part from Sir Alan Sugar. OK we know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea and there are certain thing he does that we’re not too keen on. BUT when it comes to no nonsense marketing he is the king.

At Sugar Marketing we decided to niche into “Pay Per Click” because like Sir Alan, we also believe in a no nonsense approach to marketing and “Pay Per Click” is a very transparent form. It allows you to (100%) see what you get for your money. We also believe in simple explanations to help you understand exactly what is happening with your campaign.

Our Experience

We have worked with a number of brands both big and small, in both consumer and business to business. We generate direct sales, sales leads, or brand awareness across a variety of different sectors.

Exactly what we do and who we do if for is confidential to each client, but we can share a couple of results -

Single biggest order as a result of PPC was £1.2million.We have increased daily traffic from 0 to 1500 visitors in less than a week.We have attracted new customers at a media cost of 3 pence.One client has had over 50 million brand exposures.In 2007 we got one client over 110,000 target UK visitors to their site.

We got one client just over 18,000 downloads of their software.

If you want to know more please Contact Us

Rosa d’Morgan: Feng Shui for business and for life

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Rosa d’Morgan
01342 824910

I am a trained acupuncturist in practice for over 20 years before selling my practice for a large sum, so I am highly attuned to working with energy.

I have worked with acclaimed Dowser Hamish Miller, and completed courses with Feng Shui expert Jane Alexander.

I have been using Feng Shui for the benefit of others for the last 20 years.

Always one for the unusual, I have worked on a Gloucestershire sheep farm, followed by developing skills as a rigger on a square rig sailing ship, and have been on many voyages.

I have a degree in anthropology and comparative epistemologies.

I love gardening, walking and am an artist, working in oils.

“The whole house is more orderly, and in harmony and the
children have become quieter and more focused. We work
from home and have noticed that our business lives have
become a lot busier, and we are able to be more productive
and creative.”
“The changes made were not too time consuming to
undertake and the results have been hugely beneficial.”
“Whenever visitors came in the past they all crowded the
kitchen, ate all the food, left the place in a state and me
exhausted… Since Rosa’s visit, they use the space
throughout the house, tidy as they go without being asked
and we have a great time!”
“My daughter had an ongoing school issue, one week after
Rosa’s visit unblocking our education space, my daughter
came back smiling and saying she loved school. She hadn’t
been aware of the recommendations or my discussion of
the issue. As my daughter said ”It’s just the best.”
“Rosa is pragmatic and down-to-earth, tailoring her
observations and recommendations to our reality.”

Sam Wilson: Sustainable events manager

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Director of Eco Events and Bars by Design

As a former international model with Select Model Management, I am experienced in presentations, television interviews and public speaking.

A successful entrepreneur, I started my own business, Bars by Design, six years ago and within the first year secured contracts with Microsoft, Sky, Radio One, ITV, Cartier Polo, and Estee Lauder amongst many others.

Bars by Design has an outstanding reputation within the events industry and now includes and Cocktail-in-a-Box as part of its growing products and services.

Two years ago, Bars by Design was instructed to make Sky’s 2000 capacity party carbon neutral. This inspired the gaining of expertise in sustainability processes and the development of a progressive environmental policy, making Bars by Design the first bar company in the UK to provide services of this calibre. However, it soon became apparent that other events industry service providers and management companies were not geared up to meet sustainability requirements, and were confused as to their varying roles and responsibilities.

As a result of this, I brought together events management experts, environmental scientists, auditing pioneers and design experts to create EcoEvents; specialists in sustainable events management and design. 

I am a frequent speaker at events on ways to green the industry and have a particular interest in communications and awareness training, and am an ambassador for the entrepreneur’s support group Striding Out.

If you are having a large event or an intimate party, come and talk to me and I will be able to share some great ideas on how to make it all go smoothly and with some style!

 sam (at)

M: 07799 117886
T: 0845 241 7031

Part of the Global Event Group of Companies.


Scott Collier – photographer

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My name is Scott Collier, a London based accredited professional photographer.

I have owned my own processing lab for some fifteen years and during this period experienced a broad range of assignments, encompassing most types of media and briefing.

My background features extensive photographic and people management training, allowing me to secure spontaneous quality images whilst comfortably handling congregations of people.

Take a look around my site ( and take in the diverse nature of assignments covered, or consider the simple philosophy I try to employ whilst taking photographs. Prices and contact information can be determined on the relevant pages. My wedding photography details are available on a dedicated site via this link.


How would you like your images?

During my 15 years as a commercial photographer I have concluded that the best way to satisfy your needs is to deal with an assignment in the way you want it.

Whilst taking the photos is a responsibility I enjoy, I also produce all negatives and prints in my own laboratory. This ensures care and quality at every stage of the imaging process. I believe this to be a feather in my cap and an unusual, perhaps exclusive qualification.

One of the benchmarks of my success is contributing to the success of your assignment.

Places you can find me:

CertainShops (vetted and accredited professionals online)


Or leave me a nice message in the ‘reply’ box below

Scott Collier Photographer

49 Hertford Street
W1J 7SR 

Day: 020 7495 1626
Eve:  020 83608014
Mob: 07881 812668