Limecard’s “Elite Business Club” is anything but ‘Business as usual’.

Attending events as the representative for your brand, business or organisation is a crucial part of any serious business professional’s working week. However, networking can all too frequently be an exercise in ‘kissing frogs’. We have all attended awkward coffee morning meet-ups or been to poorly organised events. You went along because you “never know”. Wasting time like this is frustrating and your time has a price tag on it. Limecard Elite is a tool that eliminates the risk of wasting your precious time and money.

With over ten years experience in initiating high-level networking in conjunction with premier brands, golf courses, hotels and private clubs, Elite is an original business membership for genuine business people.

Limecard’s Elite Business Membership brings together a calendar of stylish events held in inspiring formats and locations with a global concierge service, travel department, automotive team, and access to the world’s best golf courses and private clubs.

If your focus is to drive your business, increase your exposure to quality individuals, amplify your brand and continually build on your professional development then Limecard Elite is the only Business Club able to give you all this and more.

When you join Elite you will;
Meet influential people
Have access to prestigious locations for meetings
Turn associates into profitable business opportunities
Entertain clients at the most impressive golf courses
Communicate with the decision makers at top-ranking organisations
Enjoy excellent rates at 5 star hotels
Save time and energy by utilising the 24hour concierge

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To download pdf click here: limecard-brochure