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Nicholas Butler

Reduced Hackers Ltd

Technology Strategist

Internet Strategy review , a one page report detailing which of the many three letter acronyms you are using and what you might be missing. 100+vat.

Technology roadmap, A report on your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Technology and how to invest in them. 250 +vat. 



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Ask your question - get help from an expert. 12 questions per year for Client Members of CertainShops.


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How I can help you - these are the services I offer:

In the words of one of my clients
"Nik Butler joined Ethos Marketing at the end of 2000 as our IT Consultant. Nik has a passion for ensuring that companies such as Ethos Marketing have the ability to operate very sophisticated networked systems similar to a large organisation but within small company budgets!

Nik is responsible for ensuring that wherever possible we are at the cutting edge of new technologies in all that we strive to do. He has set up a networked computer system which extends to home office setups reflecting the office environment as well as overseas remote set ups to enable email access.

Our IT environment is predominantly open-source software which ensures minimal down time, minimal viruses and minimal expenditure. This has been a crucial part of ensuring the smooth running of Ethos Marketing." 

Professional Fees:

Monthly Oncall retainer for conversations and strategy and buying advice 75 + vat.

Rates for support and delivery are flexible with either hourly billing ( 75 + vat ) or Half days , 4 hours ( 240 ) Full days available on contract. 

I have the experience and qualifications to provide these services, as you can see:

As it says on my LinkedIn profile "My Clients benefit from straight answers and clear direction when I assist them in defining how to use the Internet and Technology.

I have a broad range of experience matched with an understanding of the core technologies that drive modern online business interactions. This experience covers the basic systems from networks to operating system to e-commerce, search engine and Social network optimisation and Communities.

I write for OReillyGMT, Social Set and Loudmouthman where I provide advice, opinions and ideas which benefit my clients and create new opportunities. I also take part in or produce a number of Video podcasts such as OldGreyVideoTest, Twittervox and Kyte.TV[Loudmouthman]

I am known as a reliable source of advice and direction for businesses engaged in growth or new projects via the internet.

My Goal is to provide an introduction to the successful application of Social Networking tools in Business." 

I bring more to my work than professional experience; let me tell you something about myself:

I am more than your average phone book IT consultant. I have kept my mind open to all platforms and conversations related to technology. Since Technology and communication are my Passion I see opportunities and markets where technology creates value. Talk to me about technology and , as another Client put it, your speaking to a living Google. 


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