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Lynn Tulip

Assessment 4 Potential.

Career management consultancy

We bring high quality, professional recruitment and career management solutions, direct to your organisation. Psychometric Testing and On-line Assessment add value and support to all your decisions.

AND if you are going through your own personal career transition, we will help you back on track. 



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"Many thanks again for your help polishing the CV"
"I am now in a far more positive frame of mind. Thank you"

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How I can help you - these are the services I offer:

We specialise in helping people like YOU manage your careers. We offer tailored career management programmes to ensure you:
Explore your options and clarify what is the right career move for you
Have the specialist information and resources you need to find your next role
Confidently sell your skills to the employers you want to work for
Get the job you really want
You will also have support and guidance to achieve your longer-term career objectives as well as your immediate career goals.
We understand that YOUR career aspirations are unique to you, and that you want to be in control of your career. All our clients come from different sectors and varied occupations with exclusive needs. We can help you underrstand what you want, what your options are, how to appreciate your individuality and how to market yourself effectively.

Our Programmes include:
Career Review - Establishing career highlights and influences to date
Career Motivation - Exploring motivators, aims, aspirations and personal needs
Personal Profile - Analysis of unique strengths, skills and qualities within the workplace
Success Factors - Identifying personal and external factors influencing job success
Career Options - Generating ideas for future career possibilities
Career Action Plan - Practical action plan for obtaining your next job and beyond
Self-marketing - Effective CVs, letters, applications, networking to generate interviews
Enhanced Interview and Presentation Skills - To positively differentiate you from other candidates
Campaign planning - To achieve cost and time efficient strategy for success
The benefits of career management can include :
Being happier
Earning more money
Better work-life balance
Loving the work you do
Having the job you really want
Increased prospects of promotion
Creating a plan which takes you to and beyond your next job
Improved health with reduced stress
For corporate clients we offer 1-1 coaching and training workshops that will help you tap the potential of your workforce and provide outplacement support for those affected by redundancy.

Corporate Clients
From resourcing to recruiting and retaining or releasing, we offer professional and customised people management solutions for businesses.
Services and support include:
Recruitment & selection
Redundancies & outplacement
HR Outsourcing
Talent Management
Performance Management
Employment Law changes & updates
Absence management 

I have the experience and qualifications to provide these services, as you can see:

Chartered Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
NVQ Level 5 Training & Development Strategy 2003
Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance & Assessment 1995
British Psychological Society Level A and B Intermediate Plus Certification
Member of Chartered Institute of Careers Guidance and British Psychological Society registered
Foundation Course in Counselling and Certificate in Career Counselling Core Skills

Licensed/Accredited Test User
Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI); 16PF5; Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ); Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI); Belbin Team Role Questionnaire; Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI); Careers Interest Inventory (CII); Differential Ability Tests (DAT); Saville & Holdsworths Ability Tests (SHL) Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA); Rust Advance Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA); Relational Health Audit (RHA); ABLE Series; MOST Tests, WAVE, 4G

Assessment4Potential Career Management Consultancy
Freelance Self-employed Consultant - 2004 to date
Associate with Alexander Mann & Lancaster Group

Insight Human Resource & Management Consultancy Ltd
Lower Beeding, West Sussex
Senior Assessment Consultant - 1999 to 2003

Cuckfield, West Sussex
Career Counsellor and Independent Consultant - 1994 to 1999

UNUM Ltd Dorking, Surrey
(following merger with Open Door) April 1997 to June 1999
Open Door Vocational Assessment & Guidance Centre
Knightsbridge, London
Independent Vocational Counsellor Consultant
Feb 1996 to April 1997
Associate with Chiumento Consulting & Lee Hecht Harrison

Focus Lithographic Platemakers Ltd
Brighton, East Sussex
Managing Director 1988 to 1993

I have helped many people and companies before and this is what they say:

Lynn, I am pleased to say that yesterday I accepted a job offer. I would like to thank you for your help on the CV that has been invaluable.
Gary Stocks

I wanted to drop you a brief note to say how much I appreciated our session on Friday which I feel contributed to some form of cathartic process and because of that I am now in a far more positive frame of mind. Thank you.
Trudy Feather

Good news, I have been in a new job now for just over a month, all thanks to your input into my CV. It is much appreciated. Many thanks again for your help polishing the CV. It obviously worked as I got many interviews in a short space of time.
Rachel Rutherford

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To arrange a free appraisal with this Service Provider you must register at CertainShops. Registration is FREE. Click here to get started.