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Darren Fell

Save time, save money, get Crunch

What is Crunch?
Crunch is an award winning online accountancy service backed up by real accountants and your very own account manager. We are dedicated to freelancers, contractors and one person businesses in whatever profession. 



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"What I found was a simple clean interface that made sense to me. Things were explained in English not obscure accountants jargon."
"Possibly the simplest Accounting System I have ever used"

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How I can help you - these are the services I offer:

What can Crunch provide?

Free total accountancy health check when you join
Intuitive Bookkeeping software
Personal account manager
Authorised agent
Unlimited invoicing & clients
Unmetered accountants time
Registered office
Chartered Accountants
Online advice
Telephone advice
Automatic Corporation tax return
Automatic Year End Accounts
Automatic VAT Returns
Top UK Bank collaboration
Limited company formation
Dealing with Inland Revenue and Companies House
Personal Taxation/self assessment
Pay yourself online immediately
Annual IR35 review
Share control/issuing
Payroll calculations

Crunch is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers. If you want it, we'll create it. 

Professional Fees:

59.50 per month...really?
Crunch has invested heavily in technology meaning that numerous time-consuming manual tasks are automated so we don't need as many back office staff as normal accountancy firms and can pass this saving onto you! 

I have the experience and qualifications to provide these services, as you can see:

Why choose Crunch?
Crunch is fully backed by a permanent team of Chartered Accountants, professional account managers, skilled developers and a raft of industry accreditations and memberships. (For a full list visit our site - 

I have helped many people and companies before and this is what they say:

Possibly the simplest Accounting System I have ever used

Robin Hill, Tue 10th Nov 2009

HiTech Magic is now a Ltd company in the UK and Wales. The process was completed in less than 6 hours using the services of Crunch provide a large range of financial services useful in the daily running of a limited company for a very reasonable fixed monthly fee. For a one off 60 +VAT fee they were also able to register HiTech Magic Ltd with Companies House the very same-day we started the process.
David Johnston - HiTechMagic Ltd, Wed 16th Dec 2009

We all seem to blog when we are p%!sed off with something or want to tell everyone how great we are. This post is nothing to do with me, Digital Blah Blah or anything I am p%!ssed off with. Its simply to recommend Crunch (my accountants) to any freelancers or small businesses. Crunch have made doing my accounts really simple and weirdly fun. In a way I guess I am a bit p%!ssed off because I wish I had thought of it.
Jono Brain - Digital Blah Blah, Wed 16th Dec 2009

As a creative person the last thing I want to be bogged down with is crunching numbers and balancing books. It does nothing for the creative process. So I spent some time trying to find a simple way of dealing with the financial part of my business so I could focus on the part I love.

I was introduced to crunch by a friend while out one night. My first thought was "Yeah yeah another online accounting app designed by accountants that makes no sense to a creative person." But rather than let the sceptic in my win I went online the next day and had a look at the demo. What I found was a simple clean interface that made sense to me. Things were explained in English not obscure accountants jargon. It did not take me long to see the value in the system. I called them and had a chat over the phone about my business. All the questions I had were quickly answered and I signed up a few days later.

The first few weeks I had to get all my data into the system and was not looking forward to it. I would rather but behind my camera or processing photos. It was however really simple and easy and when I had questions they were answered quickly but my account manager in simple English
Adam Roberts Your Barbill Ltd, Wed 16th Dec 2009


I bring more to my work than professional experience; let me tell you something about myself:

Who are Crunch?
Crunch has built up a truly fantastic team, all hand-picked and each with their specialist skill sets and unending enthusiasm. From our Accountants to our Account Managers to our in-house developers there is a passion to deliver a truly outstanding level of customer service and at a new fixed pricing point for the UK.

Check out our twitter feed (teamcrunch), our facebook page and our highly informative website. 

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To arrange a free appraisal with this Service Provider you must register at CertainShops. Registration is FREE. Click here to get started.