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Valerie Rush

TR Resolutions

matrimonial financial mediation

When a marriage or civil partnership ends we help couples reach fair and binding decisions on money matters. We can also draw up an agreement setting out arrangements for any dependent children. We can help with court documentation too. A non combative way to help clients through a stressful time 



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"Your support and encouragement have been invaluable"
"thanks for listening - you understand the importance of compassion and integrity"

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How I can help you - these are the services I offer:

If you are going through the trauma of divorce or separation you may be worried about finances - your children - your future. You may want a binding agreement without costly legal advice or the necessity of going to court. We can save you time and money. We can reduce levels of stress and anxiety and give you a say in the final outcome. We treat the whole family as the client - putting the interests of any dependent children first - we produce a legally binding agreement reflecting the wishes of both partners without costly combative arguments. 

Professional Fees:

We charge nothing for an initial telephone conversation lasting between 15 - 20 minutes. We operate on a fixed fee basis so that the cost is known from the outset. An average settlement takes between 20 - 40 hours and will cost between 3 - 5,000 (shared) depending on the complexity of the case. A CONSERVATIVE estimate of engaging solicitors would be between 5 -20,000 EACH 

I have the experience and qualifications to provide these services, as you can see:

We have both been senior advisors with the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service and Val has personal experience of the divorce process. We have been working with separating and divorcing couples for two years working together or singly as appropriate to provide a flexible, friendly but professional service 

I have helped many people and companies before and this is what they say:

you have made what must always be a difficult and potentially fraught situation so much easier. A year ago I could not have imagined getting to this stage with our own dignity and love for each other intact. It is an extraordinary achievemnt and we thank you both for all you have done for us

we are most grateful to you for your advice and help - and above all for the care and compassion you have shown us. It is very much appreciated and you have given us both enormous confidence in a very difficult period of time

thanks for listening - you understand the importance of compassion and integrity

thank you for making life possible again! Your support and encouragement have been invaluable - so reassuriing to know that you were there!


I bring more to my work than professional experience; let me tell you something about myself:

We are both parents and grandparents and understand the complexities and challenges of modern married life. We care passionately about making the breakup of a relationship as painless as possible and strive to create an environment which enables both partners to feel involved and in control 


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