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I guess it's all about false economies. By 'saving' money by not using professionals when you really need them (and by that I mean, word of mouth recommended professionals), the cost later on can be horrendous. Take getting divorced. Our independent financial mediators can skillfully guide most couples towards a settlement that will stand up in court and not result in huge legal fees and years of in-fighting. And if you need to use a divorce lawyer, you will want someone who wants a quick and fair settlement, just like you do.

That lovely logo and business name you have commissioned can cost a great deal more if you don't check out the competition and secure your trademark early on, and your business partnerships will never be secure without a solid shareholders' agreement.

A common 'false economy' is to use the 'free conveyancing' services offered by some mortgage companies. I prefer to choose my own conveyancer because delays when buying and selling a house not only cost money, but so much stress!

Legal advice costs you less than you think, when you think about how much it will save you later on.

And if you want to have an initial chat with our vetted professionals, that will cost you nothing at all.

Share some stories of 'false economies' you have made and give us your advice on how to avoid them...

These legal services professionals have been checked out by us - many have come to us through personal recommendation. Now you can make a fully informed choice about the legal services you need, and get the best professional for the job.

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The current state of the law is that pre nuptial agreements are not enforceable although if properly entered into, the court will almost certainly have regard to them. This is more so the shorter the marriage as long as there are no children. However, in a long marriage the agreement may be of very limited relevance.

Sue Clark, Family Lawyer

Commercial Contracts, Employment Law, Litigation Solicitors

Business Legal Shop

We think Quality legal advice is like quality underwear - in the grimy world of everyday life it will protect sensitive areas and won't fall apart in the wash. Commercial Contracts Solicitors and Employment Law Specialists will give you that protection.

The high quality of service overall we have received makes me happy to recommend him John Halton

Matrimonial, Family, Divorce, Mediators, Wills, Trusts, Probate

Personal Legal Shop

Why should two reasonable people getting a divorce have to spend a fortune in the courts? Well, they don't - not with our fixed-price online divorce through a Divorce Solicitor.

And with whatever you both end up with at the end of the day, you will need to change your wills and trusts using our Wills, Trusts & Probate Executors.

I am very pleased with the service. Andy Williams
I have found Andy to be professional and to carry out his business with integrity Andy Williams

Conveyancing Solicitors, Licensed Conveyancers

Conveyancing Shop

No more hold ups buying, selling or re-mortgaging your home when you use our Conveyancing team. Make online price comparisons and source no-obligation quotes before deciding on the best professionals for the job. A Conveyancing Solicitor or a Licensed Conveyancer can also advise you on Home Information Packs and all your Conveyancing needs.

When you want something done to a timescale, Elaine will get it done Elaine McGloin
The service received has always been friendly, professional and efficient Elaine McGloin

Patenting, Copyright & Trademarking, IPR

IPR/Web eCommerce Shop

When you start a new business or create new intellectual property, you will need to talk to an IPR/Web Ecommerce Solicitor who will provide quality business law advice and keep you out of trouble.

John Grant and his team have provided us with clear and understandable advice John Grant

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Legal Services, whether online divorce, wills & trusts or contract law - you can agree costs up front. No more hold-ups buying, selling or re-mortgaging your home when you make life easy by using our Conveyancing team.