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It's just no good hiding under the bedclothes in the early hours praying that an angel has appeared overnight to miraculously update your books, file your accounts, and make sure you got back more VAT than you paid out.  No amount of good intentions and affirmations played on tapes in the car will turn "I have financial security and am wealthy beyond my dreams!" into reality if you don't ensure against cosmic mishaps with some basic insurances or make some longterm investments guided by a qualified professional.

Now that I have benefited from the expertise of many of the vetted financial professionals on CertainShops - professionals online, I leap out of bed with confidence and a real sense of being in control of my life (well, most mornings anyway). And even when things have looked bleak, it always amazes me how just talking through the options with professionals (usually at no charge) how a plan of action leads to not only greater financial security, but also, peace of mind.

If you have any advice you can share with us about how to create greater financial peace of mind, please let us know.

Knowing who to trust is vital when investigating accountancy services we trust the accountancy services you will find on this site. Check them out for yourself.

Hot Financial tip

If you are buying a house together and are not married, you need to ensure that any life cover that you take is put in trust. There have been cases in the past where unmarried couples have not taken this simple precaution, and instead of the money going to the surviving partner, it goes to the next of kin (i.e. family). The money was kept by the family and the survivor was left not only with having to deal with the loss of a loved one, but also the continuing burden of the mortgage. This service does not cost any extra, but it does give valuable peace of mind that the money will go to whom it was intended if the worst should happen.

Mark Robinson, Private Wealth Management


Accountancy Shop

Accountants need to inspect your books not your dress sense. If you don't want to drag over to the offices of a professional accountant with a boot full of receipts, you can now let them miss out on your beautiful smile and do your figures instead - when you send them your books with the aid of registered post or a courier company.

Crunch provide a large range of financial services useful in the daily running of a limited company for a very reasonable fixed monthly fee. Darren Fell
I finally have an accountant who will ring me back and answer letters without me chasing them. T MALLION

Tax Consultants

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You need to complete that income tax return yesterday and are praying for a tax extension and a tax refund. With the aid of quality online tax advice from a tax consultant, a skilled Bookkeeper, and help with your tax form, your prayers may well be answered when you get some competitive quotes from the Tax Shop.

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What if interest rates rise? Fixed Rate or Repayment a UK mortgage broker can personally guide you through the maze of choices to access just the right mortgage for your needs. And if you have a problem sourcing business finance, a Finance Broker can take the problem away.

I would not hesitate in recommending Chris to friends and colleagues Chris Spurgeon
So impressed we referred him to my daughter, step son and a few friends Chris Spurgeon

Insurances, Pensions, Investments, Wealth Management

Financial Advisers Shop

An Independent Financial Adviser can source competitive insurances and financial investments for you, often for FREE.

If you woke up this morning to discover that a change in legislation has left your business liable for non-compliance and that your best clients have gone bankrupt owing you thousands then you may now wish that you had taken up commercial legal insurance and credit insurance to boot.

I have recommended your services to my friends without hesitation Mark Robinson

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Financial Advisors can source competitive online mortgages & insurances for FREE. Through our online services talk direct to an Accountant, tax consultants or bookkeepers of your choice without leaving the office.