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I need to do some serious Market Research
I'm looking for a proofreader and editor
Meet our photographer
I want some great PR
Make people find my website
I'm looking for a graphic designer
I'm putting on an event

Along with a quality service, the heart of any successful business is how it is marketed. We have a team of word of mouth recommended professionals who can help you.

It's got to look good at the right price. When it comes to marketing your small business, you need to be able to trust someone who understands your market and your brand. Our vetted database of professional marketers all have many years experience in creating marketing strategies for small businesses at small business prices. Start your search for a marketing professional you can trust right now.

Hot PR/Marketing tip

A recent UK study indicated that 82% of Internet users go online to research products and services. (Source: UK National Statistics Office 2004) There are three key stages to consider when having a website developed - careful planning, informed development, and ongoing support.

Rajen Kantaria - Internet Consultant

Copy Writer, Graphic Designer, Branding, Marketing Consultants, Proofreading, Research

Marketing Shop

A Marketing Consultant will take the stress out of promoting your business and enable you to use their experience of creating effective marketing strategies for small businesses. A Graphic Designer can create a visual look that will make you stand out from the corporate crowd.

Eyes gone funny looking for spelling mistakes or decided your copy just isn't punchy enough to attract new clients? We can help you. Proofreading services and a freelance Copy writer will save you buying new glasses and get you more business.

Sue has been amazing with her 'going the extra mile' Sue Browning
Insightful research, which is to the point, on time and good value Shirley Brent

Design Shop

Scott has a wonderfully charismatic and creative personality that always puts his subjects at ease scott collier
Richard is a superb designer especially when it comes to corporate identity work Richard Wolfstrome

Public Relations Shop

Public relations agencies can be the difference between a marketing strategy that looks good on paper, and one that really goes into action. Strong public relations management by a pr firm can become a cornerstone of the continued success of your business.

“Our favourite PRs! Friendly, knowledgeable, and never pushy!” sylvia howe
“It is so refreshing to talk to someone who is genuinely enthusiastic about a product.” sylvia howe

S.E.O., Website Designers

Website Shop

Search Engine Optimisation is a much used phrase, and should be integral to any professional website design. Website designers know that SEO is more of an art than a science, so using specialists in that field is advisable.

We have had loads of new business via the website so the end result has been fantastic. David Van Sertima
Anything that I need or have questions about, WSI is there with the answer Rajen Kantaria

Event Management, Wine Specialists

Events Shop

Impress clients and woo future customers with well organized events, product launches - or just a really good party!

She is motivated, passionate, utterly reliable and a dream to work with Sam Wilson
An excellent space for people to escape to for a few days! Annarosa Solda

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